"Don't Fall Little One"

This is the story of nature and nurture.

My friend Shelly takes her son on adventures around the U.S..

They are explorers.

"They are wild," I always say.

Together they embrace creation and immerse themselves in all that it has to offer. I admire them for that.

I especially admire Shelly for the experience that she is giving her son. My hope is that one day he and she can both look back on these photos and say,

"We were wild.

We were together.

I remember that.

I loved holding your hand.

I remember that you used to lay on me like that.

You taught me to explore.

You thought it was funny to say booger.

I loved my time with you so much.

I love you."

If that happens, I don't think I could think of anything better.

Here is to forever.


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