Right Place, Right Time

In May

I was wandering around Lauritzen Gardens,

scouting locations for a fun engagement shoot.

I passed by a guy that was looking anxious and kind of eyeing me.

He was with a woman and so I wasn't too worried, they looked kind, just anxious.

And then he said to me,

"Are you a photographer?"

And then, rather quickly he said,

"Would you be interested in shooting our wedding here tomorrow?"

I was shocked, excited and curious.

You see, their scheduled photographer ran off with their money and was never heard from again.

I was so sad for them.

A short conversation later and BAM, I was shooting their wedding.

It was the most quaint and sweet experience.

Just their immediate family, exchanging of vows, and the dinner.

BUT everyone,

don't underestimate the power of simple and quaint.

I love that their definition of simple included hiring a photographer.

Here is to forever-


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Gillis!

A few of my favorites...

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