This Was Us

I say this on my website a few places, but I want to say it again. My job is to capture your current life so that you can hold onto the moments forever. I was so excited when Linzi invited me to capture this stage of life between her and her little. Korbin is almost 1.5, busy, and possibly finishing up his nursing phase. I love that Linzi wanted to capture the bond between them before it was over. You can see in the photos that it is more than just a baby on a breast. There is a bond. He has a place he likes to put his hand. He plays with her hair, hits her face and puts his fingers in her mouth. He feels safe, secure and playful in this space with his momma. I know, personally as a momma, that this can be a hard space to let go of, I hope that these photos help Linzi hold onto to this time forever and tell a story of a momma and son that were in sync, happy together, and beautiful.

Here are a few of my favorites from their session...

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