Tiny Twins

I got to experience my first hospital visit recently and I want you all to know-I LOVE THESE SESSIONS! Oh my goodness, it was so special.

And to top it off it was a 'First 48' session with TWINS.

These girls were so tiny. They both weighed in over 5lbs, but don't let the size fool you, they could scream. One of my favorite things about this session was that while I was photographing one, there would be another baby in the room! I just couldn't get over it.


Two babies.

Feed one, then you feed another.

One is asleep, one is awake.

One is crying, they both are crying.

Oh and then put them side by side!

If I had twins, I think I would just lay them together and watch. They are already best friends. In this session I only got to do this for a bit. When I would lay them together they would immediately turn towards one another and rub their heads on each other. At times, they tried to feed on each others noses. It was the sweetest thing.

Twins, yes, is for sure a very intense journey..full of work, sleeplessness, and double the trouble, but I know that means double the joy. Jared and Alicia have the perfect personalities for this experience. They are light-hearted, positive, joyful people and I am so thankful God gave them two!

Here are some favorites from their 'First 48' Session...

This is their forever.

I want you to know-

during the month of August 2016 I am offering a free 'Fresh 48' Session when you book a newborn session!

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