White dresses, wild flowers, and grasshoppers

This shoot was a blast.

I love showing up,meeting people and instantly enjoying the details of who they are. These girls were sweet hearts. Their dresses matched perfectly, along with their hair. The blonde curls were natural and glowing. They loved playing with the wild flowers and chasing the grasshoppers. The whole environment was exciting for them and I love taking clients to place that open their eyes to the small wonderful details of life.

A few tips for those of you who are wondering how to have an enjoyable/successful family shoot::

1. Play. Don't say smile over and over. PLAY! Kids love it. For me, I prioritize capturing the play over everyone looking at me while smiling. Photographing the care, tenderness, and playfulness within a family is more of my style and I think those are the memories worth holding forever.

2. Explore the environment with your kids--they will enjoy being in a new place with you and seeing things together.

3. Indulge a bit-wear something new or a style that you don't get to do a lot. The main goal is always to feel like yourself in the photo, but don't be afraid to fancy it up, just to make things fun!

4. Ask questions whenever you need but also don't forget to trust your photographer! Its fun to create together however it can be a mood kill if the photographer senses you do not trust them.

This family hit their shoot out of the park and I am so thankful I got to create a little collection of memories for them.

Here is to forever!

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