Why Birth Photography?!?

Ok so everybody loves a good family session; all the smiles and seeing the whole family together. Weddings are romantic and rich with beauty, a reminder that love is worth fighting for. Newborn sessions are precious, reminding us of the miracle of life, and quite frankly-encouraging other people to have children. But why birth? Most people look at me a little funny when I say, I WANT to be a birth photographer and I have LOVED the experiences that I have had so far. In 2017 I want to document moments that are full of people engaging life and relationship. Birth photography has been a place where the moments captured are so raw and true that I have fallen in love with it. It is an unposed, unpredictable, and extremely exciting and beautiful experience, one that I have a deep respect and passion for. So if you are wanting a birth photographer but you are afraid of what that experience might reveal about you, I encourage you to focus on imagining these things; the images of you and your spousing fighting to birth the life you've created together, the first time you see and touch your baby, the way your spouse reacts to seeing you and your new baby, the details of your newborn, the moments in the first few hours of babies life, and looking back on these images some day and remembering that you experienced the opportunity of a life time, giving birth!

I was so thankful that this sweet family invited me in. This momma rocked her VBAC and daddy hardly took his eyes off of her during the 7ish hours I was with them. This is the birth of Nellie Mae, born at 3:09am, 8lbs 4oz!

*The collection below does not contain images that would be revealing or inappropriate*

If you are interested in learning more about what its like for me to be with you during your birth, contact me! I'd love to share more with you and hear whats going on in your heart.

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