Connection,Details, & Beauty

In the two years of beginning and running my business I have been pushing more and more to find my voice. What kind of art do I love to create for people? What makes me proud? When do I get the most excited? There are lots of photographers out there, so I am realizing more and more that if I am going to take pictures for someone, I want to be capturing what I know I am the best at, because that is going to be reflected in the quality of my work. So what do I want to create?

I want to capture the connection that you have with the world around you. The connection that you have with yourself, with God, with the people you love, and with nature. Imagine photos of daddy playing with his children, mom cuddling a shy little one, a baby responding to their mothers touch, a newly engaged couple laughing and playing as they celebrate their future and the dreams they have together.

Details are another one of my favorites...The details that remind you of the specific moment. They help you feel what that time was like. The chubbiness of your toddlers feet, the curls of your little girls hair, the jewelry you wore on your wedding day, or the way the shoes your husband wore on that photo shoot matched his personality perfectly....The details are important to me.

And finally beauty. I love nature. I love the dreamy glow of a sunrise or a sunset shoot. I want every photo that I give back to you to have the potential to make it onto a wall in your house because it is captivating. Dramatic edits are the ones that I feel like draw out the best experiences of your life, and thats what I want to deliver to you.

Tricia and Tyler's session was a perfect combination of all 3 of these things. It was fun to watch them relax as the shoot went on and by the end I could tell it was easier for them to find their way towards connection with each other instead of trying to focus on connecting with and for me. Truly thats what I want to see, a couple being together, and me capturing what that was like for them. I think photos like that will last forever.


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